Chairman Message

Benawa Institute of Higher Education (BIHE) was established by Chairman Muhammad Nadir Noorzai son of Haji Abdul Wahid in 2013. A befitting acknowledgement to him and his family and a valuable gift to nation, the Benawa Institute of Higher Education upholds the noble mission of service above self in furthering the cause of higher education.

- Haji Muhammad Nadir Noorzai

About Benawa

Welcome to Benawa Institute of Higher Education providing Engineering and Computer Sciences Education in Afghanistan.


We're The Best

Benawa Institute of Higher Education remains the hub of Engineering and Computer Sciences Education in Kandahar, ever since its inception in 2014. Offering a truly transformative and evolved learning experience, it is an institution that truly redefines higher education in the country and its nearby regions.

After 2 years of proven excellence, Benawa institute is now embarking on the journey to reach the next level of excellence.



How Does the Office of Admissions Help Prospective Students and their Parents?

The Key goal of Office of Admissions is to admit well-rounded students to Benawa Institute through a transparent and fair admission process and policies. The Office facilitates prospective students not only in understanding the admissions process but also to go through it effortlessly. We highly value our prospective students and their parents and facilitate them

Benawa Institute provides admissions for the following programmes.
⦁ Bachelor of Engineering
⦁ Bachelor of Computer Science More

Department Shift Monthly Semester
Engineering Morning 5000-Af 20000-Af
Engineering Evening 6000-Af 24000-Af
Computer Science Morning 4000-Af 18000-Af
Computer Science Evening 5000-Af 20000-Af


Benawa Institute has a very specific and focused mission, that is, to provide academic excellence, independent thought and interdisciplinary learning that will result in a graduate directory full of exceptional students. The Institute’s academic infrastructure is designed to guarantee that these goals are achieved, while safeguarding the next decade of progress, closely linked with our vision for the future.

Civil Engineering

The Department Civil Engineering aims to have a profound impact on the society and economy of Afghanistan. The Department takes an innovative approach to an engineering education, balancing both its theoretical and practical aspects. It supplements traditional learning methods with community-based and project-based learning.The aim of department is to provide students with the tools to identify problems that are best solved by means of a computer and to design and implement effective, efficient, and creative solutions.

Electrical Engineering

Benawa Institute’s Electrical Engineering program is designed to impart rigorous technical knowledge, combined with hands-on experiential learning and a signifi¬cant exposure to arts, humanities and social sciences in order to develop students into well-rounded professionals. Thus, the program will prepare graduates for achieving excellence in their profession while being cognizant of the social and environmental implications of their work.

Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computation – what can and cannot be computed, how computation can be made more efficient, how to build machines that can compute, and which spheres of human activity can benefit from computational approaches. Computer Science is deeply rooted in logic and mathematics. Theoretical Computer Scientists are constantly pushing the frontiers of computability by inventing new computational approaches.

Our Faculty

Benawa Institute is proud of its faculty who are well qualified and experienced in their relevant fields. They play a very important role in the life of a student as teachers, mentors, counselors and advisors..

Abdul Hadi (Muzzammil)

ME (Computer Systems)

Habib Elahi

MS (Computer Science)

Hazrath Rahman

MS (Computer Science)

Ezathullah Mudaqeq

MA (Islamic Studies)

Syed Ahmad Samim

MS (Computer Science)

Muhammad Qabir Rahimi

BS (Computer Science)

Abdul Rahim

BE (Computer Systems)

Ahmadullah Samimi

BA (English Literature)

Aliullah Mudawakel

BA (Islamic Studies)

Ahmad Shah Salamzai

BE (Civil Engineering)

Bacha Khan

BE (Electrical Engineering)

Dost Muhammad

BE (Civil Engineering)

Faizullah Waseeth

MA (Histroy)

Gul Ahmad Himidi

BE (Civil Engineering)


BE (Civil Engineering)

Hashmathullah Qazizada

BA (Physics)

Muhammad Karim Kamin

BA (English Literature)

Kalimullah Salar

BE (Civil Engineering)

Nadir Shah Nasrath

BS (Computer Science)

Qudrathullah Nasrath

BE (Civil Engineering)

Waheedullah Mudasir

BS (Compute Science)

Wali Ahmad Noori

BA (Journalism)

Zainullah Sajad

BE (Civil Engineering)


Benawa Institute provides several services such as student portal, document verification etc.