Our Staff

Benawa Institute is proud of its Staff who are well qualified and experienced in their relevant fields...

Abdul Hadi (Muzzammil)


Ezathullah (Mudaqeq)
(Vice Chancellor Of Acadamics)

Nadir Shah Nasrath
(Vice Chancellor Of Finance and Adminstration)

Qudrathullah Nasrath
(Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs)

Kalimullah Salar
(Dean Faculty of

Waheedullah Mudasir
(Dean Faculty of Computer Science)

Abdul Rahim
(Head of Software Engineering Department)

Hazrat Rahman
(Head of Networking Department)

Bacha Khan
(Head of Electrical Engineering Department)

Ahmed Shah Salamzai
(Head of Civil Engineering Department)

Idres Sultan

(I.T Incharge)

Parwiz Ahmad Amini
(Director of Admissions)

Mohammad Shoaib

(Library Incharge)

Abdul Qadeer
(Teaching Director of Computer Science)

Gul Ahmed
(Teaching Director of Engineering)

Qais Ahmed

(Faculty Incharge)

Rahmatullah (Noori)

(Director of External Affairs)