Welcome to Benawa Institute of Higher Education

The physical facilities, environment, culture and ambience of Benawa institute are reflections of its vision, mission and core values.


Benawa Institute of Higher Education

Benawa Institute of Higher Education remains the hub of Engineering and Computer Sciences Education in Kandahar, ever since its inception in 2014. Offering a truly transformative and evolved learning experience, it is an institution that truly redefines higher education in the country and its nearby regions.

After 2 years of proven excellence, Benawa institute is now embarking on the journey to reach the next level of excellence. Some key features of UIT are highlighted below:

⦁ High Quality Technical Education: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Education at Bachelors Level with qualified and experienced Faculty

⦁ Benawa Institute is proud of its faculty who are well qualified and experienced in their relevant fields. They play a very important role in the life of a student as teachers, mentors, counselors and advisors.

⦁ These dedicated teachers involve students in decision making at all levels with respect to academic, extra and co-curricular activities, help them in their projects and groom them to pursue their academic journey smoothly.


To be a center of excellence for creating new and useful knowledge and produce professional leaders who could compete with the best in the world and who would bring in a paradigm shift in the quality of life of the people of Afghanistan.


Benawa Institute’s mission is to create new and useful knowledge for solving Afghanistan’s and international problems and produce leaders who are technically excellent, socially and environmentally responsible, innovators, professionals and entrepreneurs who would act as change agents for the betterment of society and Afghanistan.


In pursuit of this mission, Benawa Institute endeavors to create new and useful knowledge that:

can be used to solve problems that are faced by Afghanistan’s and world at large and train a community of engineers, technologists, computer scientists, both men and women who:

⦁ are better human beings

⦁ are better citizens

⦁ are lifelong learners

⦁ are application oriented

⦁ are capable of independent and critical thinking

⦁ are innovative and resourceful in solving complex problems

⦁ have the entrepreneurial spirit

⦁ are rational human beings

⦁ have strong interpersonal and managerial skills

⦁ show tolerance to others’ views

⦁ treat humanity, nature, environment with respect and affection

⦁ undertake endeavors to up-grading Brand “Afghanistan” on an International map

⦁ promote engineering products, software exports, attract investments and technology transfers.